Just go here to start a return.

Great question!  We're just starting up and still working out all of the kinks.  If you notice anything in particular, let us know so we can fix it.

Of course!  There is always fine print.  We hold the money for five weeks until after the funding period ends before sending it to the sororities just in case we receive any returns.  We want to make sure that whatever amount we end up donating to the sororities is the final amount.

At the end of your sororities two week fundraising period, we subtract our direct cost and then donate 20% of the remaining funds to the sorority to be used towards their philanthropy.

Forever!  JK... ;)  But it can take a long time. Amazon makes it look so easy but we're not so good at it yet, so while most items will arive in 2-5 days some items can take as long as 10 days to arive. We’re still trying to get our shipping all ironed out (pun intended - we are a clothing company after all!)

Check it out here.