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Showing 1 - 24 of 59 products
Candy Skies Decorative Enamel V-Shaped Open RingCandy Skies Decorative Enamel V-Shaped Open Ring
Twist and Shout Double-Layered Open RingTwist and Shout Double-Layered Open Ring
Glass Pixel Floral RingGlass Pixel Floral Ring
Glass Pixel Floral Ring
Sale price$25.99
Stone Heart Shaped RingStone Heart Shaped Ring
Stone Heart Shaped Ring
Sale price$26.99
Double Drip Glaze Open RingDouble Drip Glaze Open Ring
Double Drip Glaze Open Ring
Sale price$13.99
Color Palette RingColor Palette Ring
Color Palette Ring
Sale price$25.99
Snake Charmer Malachite Snake-Shaped Bypass RingSnake Charmer Malachite Snake-Shaped Bypass Ring
Zircon Paved Lightning Charm BraceletZircon Paved Lightning Charm Bracelet
Fresh Water Pearl Jasper Bead BraceletFresh Water Pearl Jasper Bead Bracelet
Chain Heart Charm BraceletChain Heart Charm Bracelet
Chain Heart Charm Bracelet
Sale price$19.99
Icing on the Cake Rhinestone Double-Layered BraceletIcing on the Cake Rhinestone Double-Layered Bracelet
Multicolored Bead Double-Layered Charm BraceletMulticolored Bead Double-Layered Charm Bracelet
Leaf Chain Lobster Clasp BraceletLeaf Chain Lobster Clasp Bracelet
Gold Chain Geometric Inlay NecklaceGold Chain Geometric Inlay Necklace
Caesarean Silver NecklaceCaesarean Silver Necklace
Caesarean Silver Necklace
Sale price$36.99
Triton's Treasure Necklace With Toggle ClaspTriton's Treasure Necklace With Toggle Clasp
Gold Chain with Pearl NecklaceGold Chain with Pearl Necklace
Asymmetrical Beaded NecklaceAsymmetrical Beaded Necklace
Asymmetrical Beaded Necklace
Sale price$26.99
Geometric Stones NecklaceGeometric Stones Necklace
Geometric Stones Necklace
Sale price$35.99
Beaded Chained Lace ChokerBeaded Chained Lace Choker
Beaded Chained Lace Choker
Sale price$29.99
Multicolor Beaded NecklaceMulticolor Beaded Necklace
Multicolor Beaded Necklace
Sale price$43.99
Double-Layered Beaded NecklaceDouble-Layered Beaded Necklace
Double-Layered Vertical Bar NecklaceDouble-Layered Vertical Bar Necklace
Checkerboard Heart Pendant Chain NecklaceCheckerboard Heart Pendant Chain Necklace

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