Campaign Tips & What to do if you have not received your funds yet

Hi all! We are nearing the start of Fall! 

So today we are bringing you guys some tips and tricks to help with your fundraising! 

  1. Announce this fundraising event at your next chapter meeting.
  2. Create a shareable photo with your code and link to our website to spread the word.
  3. Tell your members to follow our instagram account so our posts can act as daily reminders for them to support this fundraiser.
  4. Post to your sororities secret facebook page.
  5. Send us info on your philanthropy and a picture of your sisters participating in a philanthropy event for us to post on our social media with a special shout out and send out in our email list. This will allow our followers to use your coupon code if they want to support your philanthropy when making their next purchase on our site.
  6. Have your members share your code on their personal instagram accounts.
  7. Have your members post about the fundraiser on facebook.
  8. Include an announcement about this fundraiser in your next parents or alumni email.
  9. Offer points when people purchase and support your philanthropy!

Don't forget, your coupon codes are public! They are not limited to just the women in your sorority. 

Also, if you finished your campaign and have not received your funds yet it is likely because you have not filled out this survey! This is sent to everyone after campaigning and needs to be filled so we know where to send the money to. 

As always, if you have any questions please email us for support! We would love to help you. 



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